trefle The use of the chinrest is recent, since the mid-nineteenth century. Until then, the instrument was freely placed on the clavicle, or on the chest.
The arrival of the chinrest, which closely grafts violinist's neck to the violin, has enabled great progress in virtuosity, but also helped to overcome pain caused to the human body ...   

Bois d'Harmonie Chinrests

Mora pern

Morawetz Chinrest

Chinrests with beak

Mento Verone

Véronne Chinrest


Mento G1

Guarneri 1 Chinrest

Over the tailpiece chinrests

Mento PVS2

PVS Chinrest


Mento Flesch

Flesch Chinrest


Mento G2

Guarneri 2 Chinrest


Mento Varga

Tibor Varga Chinrest


We also manufacture Tibor Varga chinrests, Original model.
This is the only chinrest which offers a choice of three curves for the plate, available in 3 heights to adapt to your body type. 

Varga chinrests are made only on request.


Technical Notes

Fixing :
The attachment mechanisms of all these chinrests come in several versions. All of our tightening screws are made of titanium except the traditional single attachment that is also available in nickel plated brass. Don't hesitate to contact us for any information.

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