trefle When the cello was a bass accompaniment instrument, it was often placed on a bench.
At the beginning of this century a short wooden stick (15 cm) was used.
It became indispensable(except for baroque cello) and much longer.

Bois d'Harmonie Cello Endpins

Pique classique

"Classical" Endpin

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Pique Mirecourt

"Mirecourt" Endpin

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Pique baroque buis

"Baroque" Endpin

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Our classical endpin has a wooden « pear » and a carbon fiber rod.  It is equipped with a tungsten carbide tip, very hard, always sharp.
The carbon rod, much more rigid, and three times lighter than steel rod, reduces the weight of the cello of about 130 grams.

If you prefer, we also have in stocks two types of titanium rods: one full rod, and one openwork rod, lighter than the full rod.
The two « baroque » endpins have a maximum of 41 cm length, take down in two removable parts.

Bois d'Harmonie Endbuttons

Bouton baroque

Cello "Baroque"  endbutton




Simple button

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Hill Button

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Off-centered button

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Technical Note
All these spikes are made of boxwood, ebony or rosewood. Pernambuco is an option for the classical endpin.
The pear has a standard cone of 25 mm in maximum diameter. A larger diameter of 27mm is available too. We can make taylor-made endpins with a very precise shank up to 29 mm.